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Fanfic Bake-off

A Tasty Multifandom Competition

This journal contains content only suitable for those over the age of 18.

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Name:Fanfiction Bake-off
Website:Fandom À la carte
Posting Access:All Members
TASTY DISCLAIMER: All contents of this community are meant for entertainment purposes only. Members, moderators, and maintainers neither own nor make money from the texts we post and write fiction about.

Welcome to Fanfiction Bake-off!

Here at the Bake-off we invite you to join a friendly, tasty competition between two prompts to which can generate the most fanfic tidbits of 100-1000 words monthly . All fandoms and all ratings allowed. All mature rated entries must be member locked to this community.

Your Delicious Bake-off Chef Squad

Head Chef: shinelumiere

Sous Chefs:
They are the staff that keeps this community going, don't be afraid to PM them with questions or comments relating to the comm.

Joining the Bake-off

Because all ratings are allowed, you must be an adult (18+) to join.
Be sure to have your birthyear listed in your profile or a statement that you are over eighteen in your Bio, where everyone can see it, before you apply.

The Bake-off

Decisions, decisions... Are you in the mood for something Sweet or maybe something a tad more Spicy?
The choice is up to you, and yes you can have your cake and eat it too.
There will be two prompts given at the beginning of each month for your writing pleasure. Choose one, or write both but in the end only one will win.

Each individual fic gives a point toward the prompt it was written for.
At the end of the month, our gracious Head Chef shinelumiere will count all entries and announce the winning prompt.

Recipe for Baking Success

Subject Line: List the Challenge, your Prompt, and the number of fics in your post in parentheses. For example: Challenge 1, sweet (2).

Header: Always use a header for your entries, including the following information:

Author: penname or LJ account name
Words: 100-1000 allowed
Rating: G-MA allowed*
Summary: Characters, a bit about what we'll read, etc.
Warnings: Warn for adult material, squick, etc.

*All MA/X/Adult-rated fic must be put up as members-only.

And always use an LJ Cut for the content of your entries.

Also, if you use a banner for your fics or other images, max size is 420px wide by 250px tall, and please always place these under the cut unless it is a Bake$ale item. All NSFW graphics must be under a cut and member locked.


One of our talented sous chefs will create author tags, which begin with " a] " and will appear in the sidebar once you've entered a first ficlet.

Your devoted Sous Chefs will also create tags for every every fandom as requested. You may request new fandom tags here at any time. Fandom tags begin with " * " and will appear in the sidebar once the Sous Chef replies to your request.

Please always tag your own fics with the monthly prompt, then add your author and fandom tags once they're up (that's 3 tags per entry). Tagging properly helps us keep the bakery nice and tidy with everything easy to find! Simply ask Sous Chef vexed_wench our mistress of the tags, if you have questions about tagging.

Crossovers: We welcome crossover fic here at the Bake-off, and we have a general " *crossover" tag for those who wish to write it. In such cases, please tag for each fandom as well as using the general crossover tag so it's easy to find your fic in a search.

Multiple Fic Posts, Yes!: Please post groups of fic per prompt and within one fandom together in the same post whenever possible, listing the total number of fics in parentheses in your header, as noted above. If you write multiple fics for a single fandom slowly over the course of the month, you may group them or post singly. Just know the comm may scroll quickly, so grouping may help everyone get the most readers and feedback.

Original Fic, yes!: You may write your original stories here, tag them with the *Original tag and go crazy.

Real Person Fic, NO!: Just no, sorry.

Bonus Ingredient: We will at times include bonus options that increase the value of an entry from one to two points based on additional themes, genres, styles, or details. These will be random and rare treats.

Bake $ale

From the 15th to the 20th of each month our members can make bake$ale posts to pimp whatever other lj activity they want, another comm, their own writing journal, a contest they are entered in, whatever as long as it is on lj. Banners within the 420 x 250 size constraint are welcome and do not need to be cut unless they are not safe for work. The only catch is that in order to qualify to post a bakesale item you have to pay for your space by entering at least one fic it that month's contest before you can pimp. All bake$ale entries must be separate posts with bake$ale in the subject ling, and please tag them as well.

Spammers will meet with the mighty ban hammer, this is for legitimate pimping and promotion uses. Posting bake$ale items outside of the mid month window is just not allowed, don't try it.

Keep Cool in the Kitchen

Remember, it's a friendly competition, so post tasty entries often in whatever fandoms you wish, and read when you have time: remember we all love feedback, and when the comm does scroll quickly, why not click the tag for fandoms you like and check now and then to see if anything new shows up.

Play nice. Ask the Sous Chefs if you have questions about anything. Wank and trolling will not be tolerated, nor will rudeness to mods or each other. Once again: play nice.

Your Participation Cookies

Feel free to snag and post this months thank-you banners for any prompts you write for!

If you missed a banner they can be found here.

Affiliation: We're happy to recommend active LJ Communities from diverse fandoms to our members. Please see our list of Head Chef's Recs and request to add a comm HERE.

Special Thanks to fandomwords100 for inspiring the idea for this comm.

And a very special thanks to the original recipe of salomesensei and talonsage who got this whole community cooking for us.
We wish them much luck on their current writing endeavor
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